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Men across South Africa have places to go and people to see. Whether they’re attending business meetings, interviews, or supporting others in their free time, they need footwear that doesn’t hold them back from doing great things. Introducing K7 Online, our men’s footwear & formal shoes range is extensive. We have something for everyone!

What We Offer

At K7 Online, we cater to the gentlemen of today, who rely on their feet to get them where they need to be. We provide comfortable, affordable and well-made footwear for every occasion – whether you’re going to a wedding, or onto the soccer field. Our footwear spans the length of the country, offering only the best to the men of Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Sandton, and Midrand.

Why Choose Us?

At K7 Online, we understand the plight of the average South African man. They’re working hard to provide for their families, and studying harder for the hopes of a better future. These men shouldn’t have to worry about their shoes – their shoes should be the foundation that allows them to step up to greatness.

K7 Online’s footwear is manufactured with high-quality materials, with the best craftsmanship that the nation can provide. We have something for every occasion, that is both stylish, fashionable, comfortable and affordable. We also have a shoe for every outfit, whether you’re dressing to be casual, or looking for something more formal. We’ve got them in various materials, colours, sizes and styles. You only need a footwear preference & shoes you want, because we’ve got it!

Visit Our Store

Don’t stop at cheap formal shoes that will fall to pieces in months; view our extensive range of sneakers, sandals, soccer boots and moccasins. Our footwear is made to last, so make sure to view our footwear range. Visit K7 Online today, to get the formal shoes, footwear, and football boots you need to get you where you’re going.


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